FAI Airsports in Asia Summit


Back row: Wahyu YUDHA (INA), Ginseok SONG (KOR), Nicky MOSS (GBR), Markus HAGGENEY (FAI), Makoto KISHI (JAP), H.E. Yousif al HAMMADI (UAE), Markus KALOUSDIAN (BRA), Joy ROA (PHI), Chepy NASUTION (INA), Richard THRELFALL (HKG), Tengku Abdillah (FAI Regional Vice President), Michal WHITTINGTON (PHI), Didyasarin JITSIRIN (THA), Patrick Troubet (FRA), Andy CHAU (HKG), Jason LUENGO (PHI), Lee YOUNG DUCK (KOR), Adam DIN (MAS), Thammarangsy RAVANSITH (LAO) Front row:: Elsa MAI (TPE), Agust GUDMUNDSSON (FAI Executive Board Director), Group Captain Didyasarin VEERAYUTH (THA), Dr. Mubarak AL SUWAILIM (KSA), Frits BRINK (FAI President), Susanne SCHOEDEL (FAI Secretary General), Abdullah Al JAWINI (KSA), Jean-Claude WEBER (FAI Executive Board Director), Miyuki TANAKA (JAP)

We are very pleased to have participated in the FAI Airsports in Asia Summit in Hong Kong.
It was an opportunity to bring together delegates from a diverse range of organisations and disciplies and talk about the issues that we collectively and individually face.

ACPA was invited to make a presentation to the joint meeting of the Air Sports Federation of Asia (AFA) and Asian Air Sports Federation (AASF) which will soon be ratified into one association, the Air Sports Federation in Asia (ASFA)
Together with ASFA and FAI we will be working to organise and develop the paragliding disciplines in the Asian games 2018 to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia.
This is a big project for us; an opportunity to develop cross-country paragliding in Asia and a prelude to the possibility of paragliding as an Olympic sport of the future.