Membership is Open!

The ACPA technical department have been hard at work and we are very pleased to be able to open membership registration.
Please follow the link:

ACPA is a pilot association – It is YOUR association.
All members will receive a membership pack and be able to enter ACPA competitions at the ‘member’ price. Priority in event selection will be given to ACPA members.
The first 150 members will be acknowledged as Founder Members of ACPA and will receive the coveted ACPA ‘black card’
There are two payment options, either by Paypal or bank transfer.
Please make sure that if you pay by bank transfer that you do this within 5 days of registering. Your account will be deleted if the payment is not received within this time.

Mr Gin and the Executive Committee, together with the pilot members of the General Committee all welcome you.
We look forward to developing a really strong community of Asian and Australasian pilots and ask that you contact us with any ideas you have for the development of YOUR Association!
Please email us at members(at)