ACPA Tour Pokhara : Registration

Registration will open at 10:00 on Sunday 4th February at HQ ( Bella´s Garden) and finish at 13:00.

Please remember to bring all your documents:

  • National paragliding licence
  • Insurance
  • Cash to pay your entry fee if you have not already paid online ( member 200US$ / non-member 230US$) or NPR ( member 20,500 / non-member 23,500)

Join ACPA here and benefit from the reduced entry fee! You can pay in cash at registration ( 50US$ / 5,100 NPR)
If you intend to fly in 2 ACPA events this year you will save money!


  • If you are using a GPS with a non-standard cable please bring the cable with you.
  • Local SIM cards will be available for purchase at HQ

For those who have not yet registered for the Mandatory Permit to Fly:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of national paragliding licence
  • Copy of Insurance document
  • 1 photo (Your full face please, not a flying photo!)
  • 50 USD or local equivalent

4th February schedule
10:00-13:00: Registration in HQ
17:00 : Opening Ceremony
20:00 : Mandatory general & safety briefing (IMPORTANT: Pilots who do not attend this meeting will not be allowed to compete!)