1st ACPA Tour Pokhara, Nepal : Task 1 Provisional Results

The competition started with hazy skies and a 44km race to goal around 6 turnpoints with goal at the lakeside.
Conditions were light before the start so pilots had to maximise their height to ensure they made the start with enough altitude to get back to the ridge
Congratulations to all pilots for the safe and respectful flying and to the winners of the day:

1. Shahin Fallah (Iran)GIN Boomerang 11
2. Sushil Gurung (Nepal) Ozone Enzo
3. Bishal Thapa (Nepal) Ozone Zeno

1. Maya (China) BGD Cure
2. Annecka Herdon (USA) Ozone Swift 4
3. Miyoung Han (China) GIN Carrera+

Provisional results are here:

Task 1 : Overall
Task 1 : Women