Panchgani Open 2018 : Task 5 Results


The weather today was close to being epic in the words of pilots arriving back at HQ! Some even said they have never flown anywhere quite as good as here in Panchgani!

We were lucky in negotiation with the ATC at Pune & Mumbia who decided that as its the penultimate day they would be friendly with the airspace ceiling and gave a 3300m in which to play!

With 24 pilots in goal and many smiling faces of those who nearly made it, we  to thank the task committee of Ajay, Debu & Vijay for the interesting, safe and fun tasks!

The winners of the task are:

  1. Ajay Kumar Sharma (India) Ozone Enzo3
  2. Debu Choudhury (India) Ozone Zeno
  3. Vasily Pavlov (Russia) UP Trango X-Race

& womens winner

  1. “Maya” Yue Qian (China) BGD Cure

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