ACPA is an international non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to develop the sport of cross-country paragliding at all levels; including competition, education, and developing activities for pilots of all ages. Delegates from 11 nations formed the ACPA on August 17 2016 in Palu, Indonesia in order to fulfil the need for a high level paragliding competition tour within the Asian and Australasian nations.

The initiative was taken by Gin Seok Song, with great support from Asian pilots. The Association became operational in November 2016.

ACPA represents Asian and Australasian paragliding pilots and organisers
that cooperate with the common goal to develop the sport. Members find a strong backbone of support and source of inspiration for their activities from the ACPA. The ACPA creates added value for everybody involved in paragliding on a national and continental level and can offer ideas and initiatives with the common goal: to progress cross-country paragliding at all levels.

ACPA projects will be developed to include:
Asian Continental Paragliding Tour, Asian Games, General Assemblies, educational programs and workshops, and a strong cooperation with national federations, the NAC’s and the FAI regarding international level events.

ACPA organizes activities that grow and develop the spirit of paragliding and enable pilots of all Asian and Australasian countries to exchange their ideas and culture.

ACPA constantly widens a network of dedicated paragliding organisers and leading figures throughout Asia and Australasia. ACPA coordinates the exchange of know-how, builds and provides support and offers a range of activities. ACPA’s main target-group is the youngsters and competition rookies in all Asian and Australasian nations. ACPA informs, supports and educates pilots so that they understand the requirements of the governing bodies for paragliding in their countries and internationally.
In a very short time of operation, ACPA has gained international recognition and support.
ACPA is especially involved with new paragliding-nations/regions. The strong growth and potential development in Asia is fascinating to support and see grow.
Through close cooperation and collaboration with the FAI and NAC’s and also the PWCA, ACPA links grassroots activities to international events and shows a clear path for any aspiring pilot.

The ACPA Headquarter is located in Singapore. Membership fees finance ACPA.
ACPA’s day-to-day business is taken care of by experienced professionals from different countries, with dedication to the sport and an efficient way of working together. Our working concept is to be catalytic, stimulating and coordinated in order to achieve our goals.

ACPA cooperates with all parties that have the same goal: the growth and development of Asian and Australasian cross-country paragliding. Our scope of work involves the paragliding industry, competition pilots, event organizers, clubs, and many more.