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Asian Continental Paragliding Tour
(請注意本次比賽並非FAI 二類賽/This event is not FAI category 2 event)
Asian Paragliding Tour
An Asian competition tour organizing events in the various Asian nations and scoring for a continental Asian league.
Gin explained that the PWCA was originally conceived and formed as a pilot organization intending to open up the competition world to pilots of all nations irrespective of the affiliations of their NAC and exist as a body run by pilots for pilots.
Over time the accessibility of the World Cup to Asian pilots has reduced due to the logistics (travel time, visas etc.) and cost in travelling and the number of higher ranked non-Asian pilots registering.
For many years Gin has been thinking of a way to improve the situation for Asian pilots and provide a platform for learning and shared experiences, together with improve world ranking.
Asia is at the forefront of development of paragliding as a mainstream sport. A decision will be made on 5th September 2016 to include paragliding (accuracy and cross-country) in the upcoming Asian Games in Indonesia. The future of paragliding as an Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020 will also soon be voted (30th September 2016).
The competition in Palu brings together more Asian nations than any recent event and provides an ideal platform to discuss the way to develop Asian competitions.
“We can share culture, learning and as a group together we can learn and improve. But we need someone (some system) to organise things. As long as we can fly and compete we are happy”
飛行傘亞洲聯賽起源於2016 在印尼帕盧(Indonesia Palu)世界盃會前賽,宋珍錫(Gin Glider 創辦人)所發起,他解釋PWCA的舉辦目地是讓世界各地的飛行員能有參賽機會,但隨時間演變,亞洲選手因旅行時間與簽證等問題,讓亞洲選手參賽機會減少,所以在世界排名,亞洲選手無法有好的排名,飛行傘亞洲聯賽目地是讓亞洲選手能取得更好的世界排名,更促進亞洲各國的交流學習與進步,享受飛行競賽的樂趣。