Site info:

    Take Off:Saijia Take off (420m ASL)
    Coordinates (座標):22.753534, 120.647045
    Landing:Saijia Landing (90m ASL)
    Coordinates (座標):22.758053, 120.637247
    HQ:Saijia Visitor Center (Maolin National Scenic Area Administration)
    Address:No. 120, Saijia Lane, Saijia Village, Sandimen Township, Pingtung County
    Coordinates (座標):22.752256, 120.635348

About the area:
Saijia is located to the south of Pingtung City, Taiwan, 40 minute from Pingtung city by car. The nearest international airport (KHH) is in Kaohsiung City, the second large city in Taiwan. It takes 90 minutes from the airport to Saijia by car.
The mountains in this area are in the east side with flat ground in the other side to the sea. From south to north it is around 80km. The average high is above 1000m. Constant wind is West wind, 10~15km/hr. The flat ground most is dry river-bed or farmland, there are very good thermal sources below the mountain and safe landings.
The normal XC route from take off to north 25km then return (max 50km no return). To the west over the flat ground 12km, then return (max 20km and return). More interesting is triangle path.
Saijia is good for fly whole season however summer time (May ~ September) is the typhoon season and overdevelopment can occur. Winter is the dry season and comfortable temperature (18~25 C), This tim eof year offers predictable flying conditions.

賽嘉位在台灣屏東縣,由屏東市40分鐘的車程就可抵達,最近的國際機場是位於高雄市(台灣第二大城市)的小港機場(KHH) ,需90分鐘的車程就可以到達賽嘉。
山脈位於飛行場東方,由南到北延伸80公里,平均高度約1000公尺,常年吹西風,風速10~15公里,大多的平原是乾枯的河床或是農田,都是很好的降落場與熱氣流來源,經常性的越野路線是由起飛場往北25公里往返(最長50公里直線) ,往西邊平原可以飛行12公里往返(最長20公里並返回) ,最有趣的航線是三角航線。