How to get here


HQ:Saijia Visitor Center (Maolin National Scenic Area Administration)
Address:No. 120, Saijia Lane, Saijia Village, Sandimen Township, Pingtung
茂林國家風景區賽嘉樂園遊客中心(901 屏東縣三地門鄉賽嘉巷120 號)

By Airplane
The nearest International Airport (KHH) is in Kaohsiung city. More Flight schedule information please visits
You can take Taxi or public transportation to Hotel
HSRL(High Speed Rail Way)
If you take the airplane to Taipei(TPE). You can take the transfer BUS or Taxi to HSRW Taoyuan Station then go to Zuoying station (Kaohsiung city). It need 90 minute for travel,
After arrival Kaohsiung city. You can take Taxi or public transportation to Hotel.
Heading to Fly site and HQ, You can drive or take the Taxi. Organize will provide shuttle bus from specify Hotel to Fly site and HQ, (need extra charge)
要前往飛行場地與HQ(大會)可開車或搭計程車,大會有接駁車(需額外付費)由指定旅館往返飛行場地與HQ(大會) 。